Why Erase Hard Drive Software is a Must Have

Do you ever get the feeling of déjà vu? It’s an odd feeling which often leaves us baffled. In most cases a déjà vu can be explained, take your PC for example. Sometimes no matter how many times you hit the “delete” button to remove a file, it keeps sneaking back up on you. Fortunately with erase hard drive software this will never be a problem.

Did you know that your PC is a potential threat to you? You are being spied on by your own computer and there’s little you can do about it. Your hard drive has recorded every move you’ve made, from visited websites, chat history, documents, images, to even your PIN numbers and passwords. Using erase hard drive software can wipe clean every folder and overwrite every file that you want gone.

With so much internet fraud, not to mention viruses, Trojans and hackers online, anti-virus software is simply not enough to keep your privacy and PC secure. People are waking up to the fact that the internet isn’t as safe they thought it to be and that programs are needed to erase hard drive. Software for this type of need is growing in popularity as more and more people are getting hacked online every year. It doesn’t stop just there though. There are several reasons why it’s necessary to get protected. Here are a few more:

1. You want to believe that when you hit the “delete” button, the file you want gone gets totally vaporized into digital dust without any chance of it getting reconstructed and morphing back onto your drive like T-1000.

2. You’ve unwittingly written your life story on your drive just from daily use. Everything that your computer knows about you, you want gone. You need your hard drive wiped completely clean before you sell it off.

3. A few months down the line you see several large and unexpected purchases on your credit card. A few months ago, you sold your computer online without giving it a good once over with erase hard drive software. You go through the process of canceling all your cards and contacting the police. What a headache.

4. You shiver at the thought of your identity being stolen. With Internet fraud and identity theft prevalent, the term “Safety in numbers” no longer applies. The FBI has contacted more than 1 million online users who have been victims of online attacks. Don’t be the next victim.

5. Do you fancy your very own stalker? Your PC may hold personal information and even data on your family, enough for a stalker to build a personal profile of you and your family.

6. Lets face it, who can be bothered to sift through each file and folder and delete temp internet files manually? You’d have to do it after every session online which is a pain in the backside, not forgetting it’s impossible to delete some files manually. Letting erase hard drive software take care of your temporary files such as data cookies, browsing and chat history etc will save you oodles of time.

7. Its only human nature to want to look at hot beautiful (naked) women online, but it’s probably not something you want your little sister or mother finding out. All the porn data your computer has collected over the years would be enough to start your own porn website. Time to clear it out.

8. Your computer is running at a snails pace and crashes frequently. Your temp folders are brimming with images, documents and anything else you’ve involuntarily collected and it’s taken up valuable hard disk space. Time for a spot of spring cleaning.

9. You’ve got way to much free time at work. You want to keep it that way, so you can catch up on all the sports news online. Your appraisals coming up soon, but there’s a tiny problem. Your computer gives away the fact that you’ve been doing zip.

10. Your hooked on Internet chat. Your wife is happy that you’re staying at home chatting to your friends online. She doesn’t realize you’ve been chatting to a new friend every night via web cam, let’s keep it that way.

The reasons are many for using erase hard drive software, but it all boils down to securing your privacy and protecting you from any potential threats that you may encounter both offline and online.

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