We can realize that the mobile phone has become another

We can realize that the mobile phone has become another typical -Made-in-China- (MIC) product.

Meanwhile, Shenzhen’s mobile phone designers are not lacking in creativity.

There are specialized phones for divers, which allow the use of a number of functions 100 meters below the surface of the water, and even handsets that can withstand high temperatures and are helpful to fire fighters.

They’re fashionable: some handsets are shaped like a sports car, while others resemble a stiletto shoe.

MIC mobile phones usually fall into three categories. The first refers to handsets made by the Chinese manufacturing bases of global brands, or original design manufacturer (ODM) partners, which carry global brands and are shipped globally though those companies’ own logistics systems.

The second refers to handsets made by domestic companies (such as Huawei, ZTE and Lenovo Group), or original equipment manufacturer (OEM) partners, which bear Chinese brands.

Shanzhai (copycat) mobile phones are handsets with unknown or unidentifiable brands, belonging to the third category. -They are made by hundreds, or even thousands, of -gray’ manufacturers mainly located in Shenzhen and the surrounding areas,- said Linda Sui.

She pointed out that shanzhai handsets, also known as -white-box- phones, often have no valid International Mobile Equipment Identifier numbers. That means the handsets are not subject to the regular testing processes and manufacturers can avoid paying a multitude of taxes.

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