We all love free gifts, no matter the product is

We all love free gifts, no matter the product is small or big. Orange, O2, Vodafone, T-Mobile, Virgin, and Three are mind blowing phone network providers of UK. These carriers are so smart and appear with free gift strategy for users. Number of products fall under the category of free gifts with phones. But, the product which is getting more preference is free 42 inch LCD TV.

Free gifts offered by providers depends on the type of deal and type of plan under the deal. Pay As You Go, Contract Deals, SIM Free as well as SIM Only are such deals which are facilitating UK people these days. Such people are smart who can take advantage of these deals. Some of the retailers are coming with free 42 inch LCD TV under Contract deals. In Contract deal one is just needed to sign an agreement with the provider for the period of 6 months, 12 months, 18 months or any other. Most of the user go for 6 months contract but it all depends on terms & conditions of respective provider for contract selection.

You must be anxious to know about the feature of 42 inch LCD TV. This TV not only adds beauty to a house or a room but come blessed with lots of benefits. LCD TVs can be easily mounted on walls so one is not needed to have lots of space at home. Free gift doesn’t mean that product is from any local company. Free 42 inch LCD TV which are given as free gifts belong to Sony, LG, Samsung, JVC, Philips like renowned electronic goods company.

Some more good features of LCD TV for users are its fantastic resolution, proper brightness, balanced contrast ratio and appropriate viewing angle. One would not feel any kind of pain or other problem in eyes. So, if you are planning to own any high-end phone with contract deal then it would be great chance for you to enjoy features of free gifts. Check out the plans and scheme of such providers and pick out the one which can give you free 42 inch LCD TV. Just go on and enjoy this type of win win situation.