To take a complete backup of the website through Cpanel,

To take a complete backup of the website through Cpanel, you have to adopt these measures. To begin with, you have to login towards the Cpanel area by typing within the Link to the Cpanel within the address bar of the browser. Once you have drenched in, then in your home page, visit the ‘File’ menu and then click the ‘Backups’ option.

Next, you’d be immediately rerouted towards the ‘Backups’ page. Within this page you’d find various options which may request you whether you want to go ahead and take full backup of the website such as the MySQL database and also the email forwarders and filters. If you wish to do these, then click the option “Download or Produce a Full Site Backup”. You will find many other options available too, for you personally, if you wish to take just the backup of the website Home Directory, website database, email forwarders or email filters. There’s also a choice which may assist you to restore the backup you have already taken.

Since you want to capture a complete backup of the website you have to click the “Download or Produce a Full Site Backup” option. The moment clicking onto it, it will lead you towards the Cpanel “Backup copies Wizard” page. Here you should type in your current email address to ensure that you are able to get the backup inside your mailbox. Then click the “Generate Backup” option, to ensure that the backup starts. Whenever you click the ‘Generate Backup’ option, you’d discover that using the progress within the backup a control button using the title “ReturnInch turns up. You have to click this button and watch for short while. You will find that the backup continues to be happening and you is going for that “Refresh” for that page and also you would observe that the backup has become ready to get downloaded inside your machine.

You are able to download the entire backup by hitting the button “Backup copies Readily available for Download” or wait to be downloaded inside your email mailbox.