Tips on How to Make Your Penis Look Bigger

If it is not possible to enlarge the size of your penis, then the question is how to make your penis look bigger and feel larger. It is not the actual size that gets to be changed but your perception of its size that will make it look and feel bigger than usual. Men have this preoccupation to have a bigger, thicker and harder penis. They are affected if they do not measure up to the average size. Because of this preoccupation, their sex life tends to suffer, not because of their lack in size but because they cannot accept it and thus use up all their energy into finding the perfect solution to their problem.

So what you can you do to make your penis look and feel bigger than usual? There are different exercise programs that aim to teach you how to control the blood flow to the penis as well as the muscular control in that area. The ability to retain the blood in the penile area for a longer period of time can make it feel bigger and fuller. This creates the illusion that your penis has grown in size, both in length and in width. Also, taking a hot shower can temporarily affect an increase in the size of the penis but too much may scald your skin and do the opposite effect. The use of erection oils can also cause the penis to swell in size as well as be very sensitive to stimulation. Heightened pleasure due to an increase in stimulation during foreplay may contribute to a bigger sized penis, thus also enhance the intensity and pleasure of orgasm.

Controlling the urge to complete the union during sexual intercourse until climax is just a second away is also a way employed on how to make your penis look bigger. This needs total self control on your part as well as the ability to give her multiple orgasmic experiences.

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