This idea of selling devices is quite popular in Europe

This idea of selling devices is quite popular in Europe and USA. The intensive competition among the carriers (service providers) has made them to collaborate with the handset makers to exploit the initial days of the launch of a new handset.

In the Contract Mobile Phones service, handset makers tie up with a carrier in the area and make it sure that their handset go to the users through them only. The consumers who are willing to buy a specific handset will automatically go to that specified carrier to get his/her hand on the device. This creates the business for the carrier.

In UK, carriers like Vodafone, AT&T, Verizon, O2, Three3 and others have tie up with different mobile phone makers to provide users their services with the handset. Here the consumers have an advantage that they had to make the payment of the mobile phone handsets on monthly installments which lessen the burden. The other advantage which a consumer have with contract phones are the gifts and benefits that come along the Contract Mobile Phones.

To boost the sale and to be the leader in the carrier community, most of the service providers give free gifts and benefits like mobile accessories, free messaging over a period of time and free calls for a limited duration. The stiff competition among the service providers has somewhat pampered the customers for choices.

However, it is advisable for the consumers to compare the added benefits, price and other goodies before making a deal on a contract mobile phone. You are suggested to search online for the different offers provided by these carriers on a contract mobile phone.

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