The information protection and backup demands still multiply because of

The information protection and backup demands still multiply because of the stringent data retention legislations and immense development of E-business procedures. The little and medium-sized organizations use AIT tape media format. The new sony invented the AIT (advanced intelligent tape) technology to assist budget and space-restricted organizations meet their backup storage needs in an exceptional cost.

Sony’s third generation AIT3 tape option would be the customers’ first option for mid-range systems, workgroup backup copies, smaller businesses, government departments, enterprise programs and retail servers. Primary feature of AIT format is its considerably more compact size, that has produced great attraction for companies with limited space on the floor. Additionally, the greater data compression of two.6:1 is yet another beneficial feature which makes AIT tape format more superior and price efficient. AIT3 cartridge is able to backup 100 GB uncompressed data, whereas you are able to pack greater data quantity of 260GB compressed information.

The new sony AIT3 drive provides faster data throughput speed of 31 Megabyte per second (compressed). The drive features Ultra 160 SCSI LVDS interface and is dependant on one half height 3.5 ” form factor. Data integrity can have human errors and malicious data access. AIT3 technology triumphs over this issue and provides robust security with Earthworm functionality. So if you wish to make use of the Earthworm functionality, you should use the The new sony SDX3-100W, AIT3 cartridge. SDX3-100C is really a rewritable The new sony AIT3 cartridge.

Value-conscious clients can rely on AIT3 technology since it provides exceptional compatibility with three AIT tape decades AIT1, AIT2 and AIT3. You are able to dependably read data to 3 versions of AIT tape, making the media choice very flexible.

The new sony features a unique lubricant to lessen the tape friction and permit seamless tape movement. It has assisted to boost the reliability and dealing existence of both drive and AIT3 tape. The new sony AIT3 cartridge offers long-term reliability as much as 30,000 full tape passes. For greater recording capacity, you are able to choose the Sony’s next-gen AIT4 and AIT5 tape formats that provide 520 GB and 1040 TB compressed storage capacity.

If your copy of the business information is securely saved off-site, then you definitely be made certain of ongoing business procedures. Therefore, in the event of the information disaster, it is simple to recover your computer data in the off-site backup cartridge data. Which means you valuable corporate information is not subject to software bugs, infections or hardware malfunctions. The new sony AIT3 tapes really are a wise option for off-site storage, because they are robust enough to resist oscillations and mechanical shocks. A fantastic average tape loading duration of ten seconds, makes AIT3 drive the best option for busy data centers and data-wealthy programs.

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