The general public organizations, financial industry and business businesses are

The general public organizations, financial industry and business businesses are going through a massive development in corporate databases. The organizations require more compact, low-cost and intelligent backup storage systems that may handle the huge growth, while making certain supreme reliability. AIT backup tape format, produced by The new sony, is the best means to fix the overflowing backup demands of the business. AIT technology can satisfy the anticipation and demands of information managers in the best cost.

You are able to economically fulfill the backup needs of SMB industry, popular servers, enterprise workgroups, branch offices, demanding work stations and financial organizations with AIT 5 tape format. It is simple to integrate The new sony AIT5 backup system right into a larger spectrum of automation designs, which allows the I.T staff to record and retrieve the information inside a shorter time period.

Sonys AIT5 backup media tape, part number SDX5-400C, can backup 400GB uncompressed data. Physical size AIT5 tape is nearly 67-68% more compact than rival half-inch tapes, which makes it probably the most compact tape cartridge in the class. The new sony AIT5 drives, according to 5.25-inch form factor, can be found in both exterior and internal models. Therefore the data managers can flexibly integrate the The new sony AIT5 system right into a wider selection of data-centers. Native throughput speed provided by AIT5 tape drives is 24MB/second. For this reason AIT5 is just about the first option for Home windows server programs. The new sony AIT5 tape technology provides superior storage value and greater compression ratio of two.6 to at least one. Therefore, the AIT-5 drives can effortlessly store 1040GB compressed data onto AIT5 backup tape.

The backward media compatibility of The new sony AIT5 drives continues to be extended as much as two previous decades. The customers can effortlessly read data to AIT-3Ex, AIT3 and AIT4 backup tapes with superior reliability. The backward compatible The new sony AIT tapes as well as their part amounts are:

The new sony AIT4 tape, SDX4-200C

The new sony AIT3 backup tape, SDX3-100C

The business businesses may cost-effectively fulfill the tough data retention rules through the use of the AIT-5 tape technologys Earthworm (write once, read many) functionality. Earthworm is the greatest solution for long-term storage, because it provides robust protection against malicious data access, operating errors and accidental over-documents. And so the organizations can dependably share, store and archive their sensitive corporate data and become assured of superior data integrity.

SMB market is growing quickly. A few of the other high-performance The new sony tapes which are well-suited to SMBs are DAT72 tape, LTO 1 ultrium tape, DLT-4 tape, DAT-320 tape, DDS4 tape, LTO3 ultrium, Travan tape and LTO2 tape. These robustly designed The new sony tapes are made on industry standards, and are the most useful option for off-site as well as on-line storage.

The new sony features special “dust protective bezels” that safeguard the drive components and tape path area from dust contaminants along with other airborne contaminants. This special feature enables the The new sony AIT5 drive to make sure consistent performance even under harsh working conditions. The new sony AIT5 drives are a great option for Fujitsu-Siemens, IBM, Dell and Hewlett packard servers.

So safeguard your company businesses with The new sony AIT5 solution, and revel in long-term reliability and greater operating efficiency.

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