The driving forces behind the elevated backup storage demand are

The driving forces behind the elevated backup storage demand are data retention legislations, competitive business atmosphere and hurry to E-business. IT managers want backup solutions which are faster, inexpensive, simple to use and shorten processing occasions. The new sony developed AIT (Advanced Intelligent Tape) format to assist medium & smaller businesses fulfill the quickly growing backup needs in an inexpensive manner. AIT tape format offers unmatched reliability and exceptional compactness, assisting the IT managers to simply accommodate large volumes of information in lesser physical space.

Latest high-capacity version is AIT 5 tape, which may be effectively installed having a wider variety of automated designs. Enterprise class programs, basic level servers, midrange storage management, public organizations and smaller businesses are particularly suitable for AIT5 technology. Dependably preserve as much as 1040GB compressed data onto AIT5 cartridge. Greater media capacity of AIT5 backup cartridge reduces the amount of tapes needed through the organizations for top volume backup copies. Therefore, you are able to effectively manage the tape assets together with your slim I.T staff and revel in both cost and functional benefits.

Small media cartridge and fast tape drive makes The new sony AIT-5 tape a compelling tape media solution. Effortlessly integrate the interior and exterior The new sony AIT5 drives to your complex IT conditions. The The new sony AIT 5 drives can tolerate elevated workloads and deliver unmatched reliability under harsh working conditions. Compliance using the stringent government rules could be made certain through the use of the Earthworm functionality, which prevents accidental over-documents and accidental data erasures. Earthworm technology features in The new sony SDX5-400W, AIT 5 cartridge. For rewriteable procedures, The new sony is promoting SDX5-400C, AIT5 tape. Therefore the clients are supplied more choice and may cost-effectively overcome the challenging business challenges.

The new sony AIT5 drives provide additional help to the clients using their complete read/write compatibility with prior three AIT tape media versions. These AIT tapes include AIT-3EX, AIT3 and AIT-4 tape. Native speed of AIT5 drives speeds up to 24MB/second. For extended existence expectancy and robust protection against contaminants, special “dust protective” bezels happen to be incorporated by The new sony in the AIT-5 tape drives.

As a result the drives deliver continuous backup storage/retrieval performance under unfavorable working conditions and dusty office conditions.

The new sony AIT5 drives deliver a great blending capacity of two.6 to at least one. Great news would be that the data compression functionality doesn’t degrade the streaming performance.

Therefore the clients can preserve more amount of business critical data and revel in faster backup rate. Having a superior MTBF of 400,000 hrs, the The new sony AIT5 drives have grown to be the very first option for leading backup programs and data wealthy organizations.

The new sony AIT 5 tape utilizes an even, uniform base film that can help to accelerate the read/record procedures and dramatically cuts down on the error rate. Therefore the customers can dependably backup and restore their precious corporate data over a longer period period. Therefore squeeze more levels of business data onto compact AIT5 tapes and satisfy the data protection objectives at reasonable prices.

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