The Beauty of Lake Blue Ridge

When are spoken of, the usual talk is always about their locale, how peaceful they are, how wonderful is it to vacation in them, all the facilities available in the cabins, the fact they are right in the middle of nature, the fact that one can indulge in plenty of outdoor sports when one does not relax inside the cabin blah blah.

Seldom can people be heard talking about Lake Blue Ridge. The pristine lake has been there for decades and is always there for any water sport such as scuba diving, white water rafting, swimming and fishing.

A stay at the Blue Ridge Cabin Rental can never be complete without talking about Lake Blue Ridge. Its crystal clear aquamarine waters have earned it the accolade of one of the most beautiful lakes in Georgia. Spread over 3,290 acres, the lake is flanked by over 90 national forest campsites besides several boat ramps, a full service marina and public swimming and picnic areas.

Lake Blue Ridge makes your stay at the Blue Ridge Cabin Rental worth the effort. The Blue Ridge Reservoir is 11 miles long and comprises of 65 miles of shoreline. It was formed way back in 1930 during the construction of the Blue Ridge Dam on the Toccoa River.

Fishing as mentioned earlier is a very famous activity pursued on the lake. During his stay at the Blue Ridge Cabin Rentals every man worth his salt does try his hand at fishing at least once. Some of the trout that can be yanked from the lake include the likes of Bass, Bream, Catfish, Perch and Crappie.

Leave aside everything. Just sitting on a boat and watching the gorgeous sunset in itself is such a pleasant experience.

Whenever you visit this part of the United States to vacation at the cabins, just stop by to marvel at how scintillating can the lake actually be.