Southern Spain

Andalusia is a famous and historical city of Spain since centuries. This place was ruled by many different nations belonging to different cultures and religions and when you visit Andalusia, you will see the after marks and preserved monuments of history. This city is not only famous for the monuments and historical buildings but for some other reasons as well like the exploration of the underwater world in the place which is called scuba diving. Andalusia is the city where both seas meet and the underwater world here is worth exploring.

Tarifa: This place is known as the last point of southern Europe and it is also known as the best destination for water sport activities. The place has number of views which are breath-taking. The coast in Tarifa is rocky and this is an advantage for the divers as it provides the best conditions for the divers to dive.

Gibraltar: This place is famous for the presence of wonderful and amazing wrecks, but these wrecks can be traced only either by diving from boats or from the shore. The most interesting thing about this place is that it is the best place for learners as the depth of the wreck is enough for the beginners to reach. There is a variety of aquatic life also present under the water around this place. This includes dolphins, crabs, lobsters and other varieties of fish.

La Herradura: This is another wonderful place in southern Spain. This place has a unique feature; at this place you can find three huge rocks growing up outside. You can see plenty of marine life while diving around the rocks and caves inside the water.

Marine del Este: This is known as the best place in southern Spain for all types of divers. Whether you are going to start learning diving or are an experienced diver, this is the place where you can enjoy and learn. There are number of diving places in this place which are of different depths so you can choose to dive at the depth of your choice. This place also has a variety of aquatic life and the most interesting thing here is the crystal clear water which is ideal for watching the marine life.

So if you love diving and are looking for a place this season to spend vacations while diving, then you must visit these places in southern Spain.