Size corporate databases is growing because of massive manufacture of

Size corporate databases is growing because of massive manufacture of structured and unstructured data for example audio/video clips, images, Emails, financial records etc. Your business can compete effectively in case your backup storage system gives you in-time data availability with absolute reliability.

So now you ask , that just how can a company enterprise best safeguard its data? If you’re a customer of small , medium business, then your best economical medium is DDS tape technology that’s also known as DAT tape technology. DAT tape format has been shown over a long time. DDS/DAT tape items better offer the modern IT infrastructure using their enhanced media compatibility.

Hewlett packard-top quality backup media products are reliable through the clients of high demanding conditions due to their unmatched performance, good quality and long-term sturdiness. HP’s DAT-160 tape products reflect its technological media excellence and advanced manufacturing expertise. DAT160 may be the DDS tape format’s sixth version. Hewlett packard DAT-160 tape items ensure greatest degree of data protection with superior precision. Hewlett packard DAT-160 technology provides perfect balance of cost and reliability.

DAT-160 cartridge can effortlessly house 160GB compressed data for a price of 50GB each hour. 2 to at least one compression capacity of Hewlett packard DAT-160 tape drives doubles the storage capacity, thus enabling the customers to bring along more data onto less quantity of DAT-160 backup tapes. Huge discounts of Hewlett packard DAT160 products make sure they are the favourite solution for budget-restricted companies.

Worried about investment protection? You do not need to to fret since the Hewlett packard DAT-160 drives are two generation backward read/write compatible. Backward compatible tapes include DAT-72 and DDS-4. Solid future roadmap of DDS tape format supplies a painless up-gradation path. Hewlett packard DAT-160 drives are made tough for reliable restore and backup procedures by having an outstanding MTBF of a million hrs at 12 % duty cycle.

Hewlett packard offers its clients greater choice by integrating the leading USB 2. and ultra160 SCSI connectivity options in the DAT-160 tape drives. For more versatility, the Hewlett packard DAT160 drives are made in various models including rack mount, internal, exterior and array tape drives. These tape drives allow fast integration in complex server conditions and offer the industry’s leading storage software and os’s.

Couple of from the DAT-160, DAT-72 and DDS-4 tapes are highlighted below:

Hewlett packard DAT-160 tape


The new sony DAT160 tape


Maxell DAT 72 tape


Quantum DAT-72 tape


Fuji DDS-4 tape


Imation DDS4 tape


Hewlett packard features new cleaning system that smartly monitors the performance of DAT-160 tape drives. The automated cleaning system plays a huge role to lessen the requirement for manual drive cleaning.

Hewlett packard offers its clients special IT services that facilitate the organizations to boost their business agility. Hewlett packard offers an array of services including technical integration, initial assessment, installation service and continuing support.

Clients of high demanding businesses and sophisticated server conditions rely on the help supplied by Hewlett packard to handle, deploy and support their backup storage and that i.Capital t systems. Hewlett packard services profit the IT managers and data managers to handle challenges of altering small business with superior operational efficiency.

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