Six Key Reasons Why You Should Own A Trijicon Acog

Six Key Reasons Why You Should Own A Trijicon Acog Scope

Six Key Reasons Why You Should Own A Trijicon ACOG ScopeTrijicon ACOG scopes are the best known Trijicon sights on the market, ideal for competition shooting. Trijicon sights are well known for their high quality and use by a number of law enforcement agencies. Trijicon’s popular ACOG, which is used by military and law enforcement units around the world, is designed for use with the M16 family. The ACOG is in widespread use throughout the U.S. Trijicon’s Compact ACOG has an illuminated reticle, powered by advanced fiber optics and a tritium lamp for 24 hour illumination – even in total darkness. Believe it, it’s all here – precision optics, light weight, durable, and the technology of an illuminated reticle.1]Great for shooting in low-light and no-light environments, the Trijicon Night Sights feature green tritium lamps focused through a sapphire lens for maximum brightness. Machined to exacting specifications rather than cast, the Trijicon Night Sights are incredibly strong and durable. The militarys need for a magnified, self-luminous tactical sight that enhances target identification and increases hit probability on extended-range shots has given rise to the new Trijicon ACOG 6×48. Powered by Trijicon s patented fiber optics and tritium-based technology, the new TA648MGO Trijicon ACOG reticle features a red chevron aiming point. Tough night sights are the first choice of major handgun manufacturers, and standard issue with hundreds of municipal and county departments, numerous state police departments and several federal agencies.2]The typical service life of the Trijicon Night Sights is about 10 years. Strong, but light and compact Trijicon ACOG rifle scopes combine traditional, precise distance marksmanship with close-in aiming speed. Trijicon ACOG sights were designed for use with the M16 family, and every feature of its mechanical and optical design was chosen for a single purpose: to provide increased hit potential in all lighting conditions without failure-prone batteries.3]With the same speed as instinctive shooting, and with their unique shock resistant design, Trijicon products are incredibly reliable battle-tested combat sights. Trijicons maximum shooting success is thanks to lightning-fast precision and the ability to aim in any light without the need for failure-prone batteries. The 24 oz Trijicon TANS is made with a low 1.5 inch optical centerline that is free from parallax errors, optimizing target acquisition in CQB situations during low light conditions. Thats when Trijicon really shines.4]Although the ACOG’s have many features which are very advantageous for military use, they were developed by Trijicon without government funding and are widely popular with general public. With Trijicon, a large dot to the front allows you to see a more distinct shooting view in any light. Trijicon tritium night sights are dependable accessories in all light conditions. The Trijicon Reflex Sight is best used for targets that are within a 300-foot range. Fiber optic and tritium technology is used to provide a red aiming point that is easy for you to see.5]The Tritium Trijicon illuminates the aiming point in total darkness, and the fiber optic self-adjusts reticle brightness during daylight according to ambient light conditions. This allows the operator to keep both eyes open wile engaging targets and maintaining maximum situational awareness, Designed to the exact specifications of the United States Marine Corps, the unique reticle pattern provides quick target acquisition at close combat ranges while providing enhanced target identification and hit probability out to 800 meters utilizing the Bullet Drop Compensator.6]Bindon Aiming Concept (BAC)* models feature bright daytime reticles using fiber optics which collect ambient light. The Acog automatically adjusts the brightness level and reticle contrast to available light conditions. It is chosen over the 4x TA31 ACOG because the TA11 provides longer eye relief. Both have the fiber optic and tritium-lit reticle which aids acquisition speed. Dry nitrogen filled to diminish fogging the ACOG is waterproof to 100 feet / 30 meters. I have shopped a number of sites and always come back to with their wide selection of sport optics and very competitive prices. If they don’t show the product you want they will make every attempt to fill your order. Their service is exceptional and friendly. Check them out and be sure to call them at 1-888-97-scope or email; if you don’t find what you are looking for.