Shopping Cart Security a Key Issue

Whenever money exchanges hands over the Internet, security of the transaction is going to be a major point of concern. In fact, security concerns slowed the acceptance of e-commerce in the first place. And to this day, many consumers are reticent to purchase online from a merchant they haven’t grown to trust.

Digital shopping cart software has done a lot to alleviate this issue. This software not only helps make the online shopping experience run smoothly, it provides a layer of transaction security that online consumers have grown to expect. So, if you’re going to sell more than a couple of items over the Internet, you really should invest in e-commerce software.

Virtual shopping carts use something called a Secured Socket Layer (SSL) certificate to ensure that your customer’s personal and financial information is securely transferred to your payment gateway.

Ever noticed that when you move from an ordinary web page to a secure webpage, the URL changes from http to https? This is done by the SSL. When customers see the URL begin with https, they can rest assured that they are now in a secure environment. And this is the environment in which their pertinent information is taken and transferred to the payment gateway.

There are ways where the shopping cart can transfer this information to the payment gateway securely without SSL, but many have grown accustomed to this method and may not trust a transaction that doesn’t use it.

Be sure to let your customers know that you take the security of their information seriously. Explain to them somewhere on your website how you ensure that their transaction will be safe. You can even give them a preview of the secure page before they click the “buy now” button to reassure them of the process.

When you explain your policy and security guidelines, do so in plain, accessible English. Don’t even give the appearance of hiding behind legal and marketing mumbo jumbo. The clearer you are, the more trust worthy you will seem.

Many digital shopping cart systems do a lot of this work for you, including security badges on each page of the process. And, of course, using payment systems, such as PayPal, that customers are familiar with, also helps.

So, investing in a shopping cart system will not only make building and maintaining your online store more simple, it can also make you appear more trust worthy, in turn, increasing sales conversion.

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