Nowadays the information managers face tough regulating needs, and therefore

Nowadays the information managers face tough regulating needs, and therefore are expected to handle growing backup needs with restricted assets. The SMB industry turns to AIT backup tape technology that delivers unequalled reliability and superior storage value. AIT tape remains probably the most reliable little solution for copying and archiving data in promising small to medium IT conditions. AIT technologies have received high acclaim from this managers around the world because of its superior robustness, greater cost efficiency and compactness.

Sonys data storage products provide lengthy media existence, greater capacity and exceptional compatibility to satisfy an extensive number of data protection needs. The new sony designed the key-edge AIT format. The new sony AIT-3 tape may be the ultimate data storage solution for branch offices, mid-sized organizations, unwatched backup conditions, servers, small systems and enterprise programs. AIT tape technology features remarkable recording density which has assisted to provide greater storage capacity in a tiny form factor. AIT-3 tape is able to preserve native 100 GB information. The new sony AIT-3 cartridge is a lot more compact than other competing backup tapes. It’s almost 37% how big an adversary half-inch tape cartridge. Which means the clients of space-restricted IT conditions can certainly backup their growing volumes of information within lesser shelf space.

The new sony AIT3 drive provides greater storage value by having an impressive 12 Megabyte per second native transfer rate. With the development of SCSI ultra 160 connectivity option, you are able to effortlessly connect the The new sony AIT-3 drive right into a wider selection of computing systems and revel in long-term reliability. AIT technology clearly far outshines the by having an enhanced 2.6:1 data compression. Therefore the recording capacity and bandwith speed stretches to 260GB and 31 Megabytes/s correspondingly.

Earthworm functionality continues to be incorporated in AIT 3 technology to assist fulfill the regulating compliance needs. Part amounts of The new sony AIT3 tapes are SDX3-100C (rewritable cartridge) and SDX3-100W (Earthworm cartridge). Most effective feature of The new sony AIT3 drive is its full read-and-write compatibility with three AIT decades including AIT1, AIT2 and AIT3. This incredible feature stretches the clients previous AIT opportunities and enables trouble-free upgrades.

Part amounts of backward compatible The new sony AIT tapes are sdx2-50c (AIT2 50GB rewritable tape), SDX2-50W (AIT2 50GB Earthworm tape), SDX2-36C (AIT2 36GB tape), SDX1-35C (AIT1 35GB tape) and SDX1-25C (AIT1 25GB tape).

To be able to ensure superior data integrity and consistent performance, The new sony has incorporated an automatic mind cleaning system in AIT3 drive. This intelligent system also reduces the tape degeneration, thus stretching the significant existence of AIT3 cartridge to 30,000 full tape passes. The competing tape tubes shed greater quantity of debris, which ultimately increases the requirement for periodic cleanings. Robustness of The new sony AIT3 tapes base film is enhanced having a unique DLC (gemstone like carbon) protective layer. It’s almost 20 occasions more powerful than iron-oxide that has in traditional backup tapes. As a result the The new sony AIT-3 backup tapes deliver far cleaner running as well as an exceptional 30-years media existence.

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