Modern information systems and busy data centers need to ensure

Modern information systems and busy data centers need to ensure in-time accessibility to massive levels of diverse data types cheaper and superior reliability.

DAT tape, also known as DDS, is becoming a business standard for small & mid-sized enterprise data protection. DDS tape format may be the right medium for long-term reliability and exceptional compatibility having a wide spectrum from it conditions.

Secure and preserve your precious business data with intelligent and affordable backup solutions from Quantum. Quantum DAT-72 tape technology is actually a wise cornerstone of the company’s backup storage technique for satisfying the information retention laws and regulations. DAT72 tape may be the DDS tape format’s fifth generation.

Quantum DAT-72 tape drives provide outstanding performance and may be with confidence attached to the USB or SATA ports on complex and demanding servers. 72 GB compressed and 36 GB native data could be squashed onto a little sized Quantum DAT72 tape. The media capacity of DAT-72 tape cartridge is nearly 80 % more than DDS 4 tape cartridge.

To be able to lower the operating costs and spend less time, Quantum has elevated it performance of DAT-72 tape drive to 25.2 GB each hour (compressed). Quantum offers its customers more choice by presenting the table-top and server instable internal DAT-72 drive models. Furthermore, the desktop DAT-72 tape drive may also be used with USB, eSATA, rack mount and SCSI connectivity options. And so the data managers can certainly pick the drive configuration, which is fantastic for their IT infrastructure.

It’s just not achievable for just about any organization to get rid of its formerly saved information. This is exactly why Quantum features a backward compatibility feature, the ideal solution for investment protection. Three decades of DDS/DAT tape are read/write suitable for Quantum’s DAT-72 drives, that are DDS-5, DDS 4 and DDS 3 data tubes.

Major tape storage formats are produced by Quantum. Part amounts of couple of popular backup tubes are pointed out below:

Quantum DAT72 tape


Quantum LTO3 tape, lto 3 ultrium tape


Quantum SDLT2 tape


The new sony DDS-5 tape


SLR-MLR tape

Quantum dlt-iv tape, dlt 4 tape


Quantum LTO 5 tape


Quantum’s DAT 72 items are well listed, which makes it the prefect tape medium for budget-restricted companies. Quantum has utilized a powerful plastic-type to build up a durable cartridge spend. This can help to secure the tape cartridge from the potential damage because of rough handling, shocks or accidental drops. DAT 72 cartridge’s ultra fine base film reduces the spacing loss between your tape-reel and drive mind, which adds towards the precise data monitoring and enhanced data reliability.

Quantum DAT72 tape option would be very energy-efficient and it is easy to maintain with ongoing lower possession cost. A brand new innovative “Tape Shield” mechanism continues to be incorporated by Quantum that maximizes the mind to tape contact for greater reliability and precise data monitoring. Additionally, it safeguards against contaminants and guarantees smooth tape movement. Consequently, the media put on-and-tear reduces considerably, and also the customers can store and archive their sensitive information with reliable reliability.

DAT 72 tape is definitely an affordable and intelligent backup medium you are able to rely on!

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