Mobiles phones have witnessed a huge change in its status.

Mobiles phones have witnessed a huge change in its status. Where once it was viewed just a talking device, it is now elevated to be known as a personal style statement. In this scenario there is a huge demand and urge for the customers, to give their handset a unique look- something that can make them stands apart in the crowd. This is where mobile phone accessories come into picture.

Mobile phone accessories not only help you to go with the flow of ‘personalization’ and ‘self expression’ trend, but also are the cheapest and the easiest way to upgrade your mobile. Such is the popularity and potential of this growing market trend that experts say that it will generate over $80 billion in revenues in 2012.

Unlike popular belief, that mobile phone accessories only attract the teenage group, it is a major hit across all cross section of mobile users. Amongst all, the most popular mobile phone accessories are an external memory card and a Bluetooth headset. An external memory card is of great help. It allows the users to carry all the files like media files and other office application. A phone with a decent memory card is a quite a desired option as against a costlier mp3 player.

While a wireless Bluetooth headset empowers the users to make/ receive calls and listen to music, without having to hold the mobile in hands. Which means, you can use the mobile, when driving, when shopping, when cooking etc? Other popular mobile phone accessories are high capacity batteries, chargers, futuristic Bluetooth GPS receiver, flexible keyboards, car kits, high definition multi-purpose speaker systems etc.

Besides these accessories that add more value and prowess to the devices, the market is also flooded with mobile phone accessories to woo the fashion manias. Particularly to allure the women crowd, the market offers pouches, covers, labels, face plates, etc. These mobile phone accessories come in different make, colours and sizes to suit the exact requirement of the users.

The market for Mobile phone an accessory have definitely paced up, and poses as a instrumental determinant, for tracing the progress of the mobile market.