Maxell guarantees top quality standards because of its backup storage

Maxell guarantees top quality standards because of its backup storage items. Maxell DDS4 is really a compact and reliable storage tape that delivers higher level protection and superior cost performance. Maxell DDS4 tape is the perfect solution for the archiving needs and volume backup copies. These DDS4 tapes, part number 200028, provide capacity as high as 40GB (compressed data). Maxell 200028 DDS-4 tape tubes are robustly created for long-term archiving and price efficient backup. In native form, the Maxell 200028 media tape holds 20 GB data. These inexpensive DDS4 tapes assure stable transitions, minimal error rate, enhanced reliability and greater efficiency because of their ultra-smooth tape surface.

Maxell has added a brand new feature known as MRS (media recognition system) in the DDS4 backup tape, that has elevated its performance level. Maxell 200028 tape tubes provide exceptional compatibility and ideal results with the DDS 4 tape drives. Maxell has incorporated top quality magnetic media in the DDS-4 200028 storage tapes, which allows its clients to satisfy the most stringent rules and specifications regarding data retention.

The new sony, Quantum, Hewlett packard, Imation, and Dell also manufacture DDS-4 backup tapes. Particular part amounts from the DDS4 tape brands are: The new sony DDS4 (DGD150PWW), Imation DDS 4 backup tape (40963), Quantum DDS-4 tapes (CDM40), Hewlett packard DDS 4 (C5718A) and Dell DDS4 tape (09W083).

Maxell has designed a brand new ceramic coating mechanism where a robust magnetic ceramic layer covers the metal contaminants. This difficult coating obtains the tape medium of Maxell DDS-4 in the dangerous results of oxidation, humidity and warmth. The Maxell DDS4 cartridge features helpful existence of 3 decades and it has the capacity to supply consistent high end as much as 2,000 passes.

Maxell has further enhanced the output qualities of DDS-4 200028 backup tape by presenting 4-S (symmetric slider spring structure). Tape tubes slider section continues to be remodeled which assures softer movement thus resulting in stable media monitoring. Unique architecture of Maxell DDS tape tubes enables the information managers to backup greater data amounts in a rapid speed. Innovative options that come with Maxell DDS-4 provide more versatility and long-term archiving. Advanced and innovative technologies embedded by Maxell build longer working existence into each one of the DDS4 200028 data storage tubes. These DDS-4 backup tapes provide greater efficiency and minimal error rate. You can now store more Maxell DDS-4 tape tubes in lesser space because of their more compact size. Maxell uses super calendaring mechanism and smooth base film to provide mirror finish towards the magnetic layer. This is useful in lessening the spacing loss, the major reason for errors. High capacity Maxell 200028 tape tubes enable smooth and stable moving of information.