In our consumer society people are searching for perfection in

In our consumer society people are searching for perfection in all possible services. Everything has to be fast, as cheap as possible and effective. It looks as if life has become some sort of marathon ruled by the idea:-I know what I want and I want it now-. However, people who tell you that you can get, learn, master all possible things fast are lying. And unfortunately, most people are willing to believe those lies. If you want a cup of coffee, yes, it can be made very fast. If you want to learn a language it will take much longer. If you want to learn how to trade forex market it can take a couple of years, or even longer. And, there is no perfect trading system to trade the market.

One essential thing should be understood if one wants to become a skilled forex trader: markets do not stay the same for a long period of time. They change. We can have conditions for trend, range, breakout or day trading and each one of the mentioned forex trading systems call for different market conditions. When you start recognizing different period that a market is in and learn how to apply one specific forex trading system for that specific time you become a professional. So, if we talk about perfection it’s not the system that has to be perfect, it is you who have to strive for perfection using imperfect systems.

That is why most traders win under some particular market conditions and then lose all their profits and even more when conditions change and they have to change their system for another, or at least modify it. You cannot invest using a day trader’s mentality and you cannot day trade being an investor by nature. Likewise, you cannot use trend trading system under range trading conditions. When conditions change you should adapt and search for the best way to trade that particular market under those particular market conditions.

So, you can see that a trading system is of secondary importance, but market conditions and your ability to interpret them is of primary. True professionals are able to identify change of conditions right at the start and so they make a killing each time the conditions change, while most novice traders and amateurs notice the change at the very end, when the move is over and they get into the market when it exhausts itself and the pros are getting out of it. That is where you should strive for perfection – identifying a change in a market.

I do not want to undermine the importance of forex trading strategies in trading, but I do not want any trader to put too much trust in them. Your skills as a trader are much more important than any imaginable trading system. In fact, you can make as many trading systems as you need when you start seeing what moves financial markets. Then you will be a captain of your system and a system will never be your captain.