How to Get Him in the Mood? 5 Steamy Hot

How to Get Him in the Mood? 5 Steamy Hot Ways to Get Him All Fired Up

When things get a little too hard to handle (and we’re talking about our hormones) we women can’t help but do the first move (or forever hold our silence and be frustrated for the rest of our lives). So this can be quite a liberating experience, if you ask me. That’s why it’s never wrong to initiate the first move on a guy every once in a while. So let’s say you’re with someone you’re totally attracted to and would want to get him all fired up for you, here are a few tips on how to get him on the mood and get to master the steamy hot ways to make him all yours at last!

Show a little skin. Well, why not? You know you’re beautiful and can carry yourself well that’s why you better flaunt it, sweetheart. It’s true that simplicity is beauty but men do find it titillating and absolutely desirable when you flash you good amount of skin. That will surely turn him on!

Smell irresistibly good. But that doesn’t mean you empty one bottle and actually bathe in it. Perfumes have a great effect on men — its subtle scent gives out an aphrodisiac effect that makes him instantly drawn to you. Make sure to lean closer and make him catch a whiff of your scent.

Flirt and get naughty with him. How else is he going to notice you if you don’t start flirting with him? Now flirting is exciting and fun. Learn how to flirt with men and relay to him other mixed signals you can send him that’ll definitely build sexual tension and make him all turned on just for you.

Reach over and touch him. Touch is already considered as a form of intimacy that’s why you better try to touch him briefly but constantly as much as you can — not only will it create more sexual tension, he’d be more turned on instantly. So go ahead and get closer.

Play hard to-get — but not really. Let’s just face it, girls — we love playing hard-to-get. However, when we give our guy a definite hard time, he might give you up and get all frustrated. The real catches, the highly desirable men have options. If you leave them waiting too long, you will lose them!

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