Forex paper trading can be likened to the process a

Forex paper trading can be likened to the process a child has to go through before he can walk on his own. The kid’s parents assist him by providing support until he is able to stand and walk about on his own without being supported. In the same way, forex paper trading helps you get to your feet in forex preparatory stages before trading in a live account.

Forex paper trading assists you in becoming familiar with forex trading system by enabling you to get used to how things are done in live trading situations. You can see that a forex paper trading account goes beyond only the use of virtual money.

It is important to point out this fact as most forex newbies usually view forex paper trading as merely being just about the use of virtual money that would be replaced for free once they have successfully blown the ones they were given.

This carefree attitude of blowing and replacing virtual money is capable of giving such newbies the wrong idea that there is nothing wrong in wasting this virtual money since it has no cost whatsoever attached to it. One of the consequences of this act is its capability to form the idea that loss in forex trading is a normal occurrence in the mind of such people.

While it is true that losses are sometimes recorded in forex trading, it is not normal to lose the whole account as most newbies do with forex paper trading. Losses that could be considered normal are those that fall within the range of calculated losses that had been previously forecasted according to plan of action in place. Just like in a battle where a company of soldiers usually beats a retreat once losses are rising, same way when losses are being recorded in trading you can retreat to put together a better plan of action before making a comeback.

Training in the formulation of an appropriate strategy for the market is one of the advantages that forex paper trading offers forex novices. The choice of forex entry and exit strategies to use in trading is normally arrived at after carefully examining the market condition.

Put another way, the strategies for trading should be a function of the market status. Forex paper trading is a great way to ascertain how discipline and prudent you are. Not minding the fact that virtual money is being used, it is an effective way to practise so as not to let your emotions influence your trading decisions in any way.

Handling of virtual money could be an indication of how you will handle funds in your live account, when you eventually have one. If you have the habit of wasting the virtual money, the tendency is high that you will do same with real money in your live account.

Forex paper trading is a sure way to get acquainted to the rudiments of forex trading. It enables a Forex trader to have an idea of mistakes that any trader is likely to make, and to take necessary pre-emptive steps so that he does not commit such errors when trading in live conditions. Forex paper trading helps forex traders to get over the emotional decisions that could potentially hinder their success in forex trading.

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