Ecommerce Solution – 4 Tips On Handling Ecommerce Challenges In

Ecommerce Solution – 4 Tips On Handling Ecommerce Challenges In 2011

How can you handle ecommerce challenges? This is a crucial question for an online merchant since the web population, of late, has increased and so has web-based shopping. Implementing an appropriate ecommerce software solution is the right method for avoiding challenges from rivals. However, your ecommerce solution must be continuously upgraded to fit in the latest trends, technologies and customer needs. In short, you cannot just reply on your age-old website any longer. Either spice it up or design a new one.

In 2011, therefore, an innovative marketing strategy is what you must consider in order to advance your business. To help with this, four tips on how to handle ecommerce challenges in 2011 follow:

1. With new websites and businesses coming up every day, you have to learn how to keep your core customers engaged and happy with your services. So, one of the best ways of doing that could be by crowdsourcing i.e. asking your customers to participate in such things like how your website can be friendlier or if you are producing something, how the technology can be used in an innovative way.

2. Social media is an efficient communicative tool that you can employ carefully. But it should not stop at using celebrities to endorse your products or advertising your next launch. People will soon stop following you in Twitter or Facebook if all you do in these social media sites is talk about your product. So balance that with seeking input from your customers or by talking to them.

3. One of the biggest draws for people in social networking sites is the various games available in them like “Farmville” from Zynga. Such games can be tied up with promotional offers from your end which will draw in new customers for you. The online gaming industry is going to have a great impact in 2011 with the introduction of gaming devices that track the movement, faces and even space in front of them. So start to think about how you can use this innovation for your benefit.

4. Today there are more customers shopping through their mobiles than desktops, for example, tablet technology is designed for iPad. So make sure you Ecommerce solution is also in place for mobile users.

Challenges will always be there, but a great business owner knows how to stay a step ahead. So this year, be ready for all the new challenges that are likely to be thrown at you from the start of the year itself.