Demands of present day stringent government rules, elevated customer anticipation,

Demands of present day stringent government rules, elevated customer anticipation, restricted data center space, and the higher chances of information loss and greater operational efficiency have all kinds of companies and organizations clamoring for reliable little backup solutions. The storage-intensive SMBs demand the industry’s most compact AIT (Advanced Intelligent Tape) technology, that was introduced by the worldwide backup media giant, The new sony.

Sony’s 4th generation AIT4 drives, AITi520S (internal) and AITe520S (exterior), would be the littlest drives within their class that provide the speed and exceptional reliability required by modern time-critical programs. AIT-4 solution offers inexpensive per GB, amazing storage density and price-saving backward compatibility. That’s why the information managers of monetary organizations, SMBs and public organizations prefer The new sony AIT-4 solution.

The new sony SDX4-200C, AIT4 tape can effortlessly retain 200GB data. Native capacity of The new sony AIT4 cartridge is the same as those of LTO2 tape. But AIT4 tape cartridge holds more levels of compressed data, that is 520 GB. This has been manufactured possible by growing the information blending capacity of AIT-4 drives to two.6:1. Compressed storage capacity of LTO ultrium2 cartridge is 400 GB. The new sony AIT-4 drives can effectively backup 86.4 GB native data, thus satisfying the requirements of enterprise class automation in the best cost.

Compact AIT4 tapes will occupy lesser space in your shelf space, whereas the enhanced storage capacity reduces the amount of tapes needed for data backup copies.

MTBF rating of The new sony AIT4 drives is a lot better than those of its rival tape technologies. By having an unmatched 400,000 MTBF, the AIT4 clients can also enjoy superior read/record precision. Obvious migration path is supplied towards the customers of AIT-3, AIT2 and AIT 1 as many of these tape decades are read suitable for AIT4 drives. Furthermore, a chance to write data onto AIT 3 tapes further enhances the storage value. That’s why the worthiness-conscious clients tend to be more drawn to AIT-4 solution, which supplies greater media compatibility and ideal investment protection.

The new sony may be the world’s leading tape brand. The new sony-top quality tapes are carefully designed for any wider selection of storage needs. The new sony tapes which are highly popular in SMB marketplace are Travan TR-1, LTO ultrium3, DAT-320, SDLT1, SLR-MLR, LTO2, DLT-4 and LTO1 ultrium.

Earthworm (write once, read many) is definitely an beneficial feature incorporated in AIT4 technology to supply tamper-proof data backup copies. The information saved on AIT-4 Earthworm tape remains safe and secure against all kinds of operating errors for example accidental data erasure, modifications and also over-documents. The new sony AIT4 drives have a sealed tape path area, which offer amazing protection against dust contaminants along with other contaminants. Therefore, the IT managers can dependably backup/store data in dusty office conditions.

Quickest data access (average 44 seconds) makes The new sony AIT4 the very best backup technology for data-intensive organizations. The new sony AIT4 tape’s ultra-fine base includes a strong cobalt layer that enhances the tape existence. Smooth tape recording medium means less media put on and fast tape movement. Mind existence of The new sony AIT 4 drives is 50,000 hrs, whereas the archival existence of AIT4 backup tape is three decades.