Coldfusion Shopping Cart – 3 Must Have Payment Methods

Having an ecommerce shopping cart with multiple payment methods would be an added advantage to reach a wider customer group who would want alternative ways of making payment for the purchases that they make. Here are 3 must have payment methods which should come with your cart even if it is a coldfusion shopping cart.

Real-Time Credit Cards

Majority of people who are doing online purchases will use their credit cards to make their purchases as they are the most convenient form of payment. You need to ensure that your cart is able to accept real-time credit card transactions from various customers. The process needs to be smooth and uncomplicated for the customer to process the payment fast. No one wants to spend a long time trying to figure out how to make payment with their credit cards to close their purchase. I have experienced a few online stores where their credit card processing kept rejecting my credit card when I wanted to make payment. After a few more times trying to purchase the items, I finally gave up as it was too frustrating coupled with the fact that the online store staff were not willing to even help! Talk about losing a business the fast way!

Able To Accept Offline Payments

While everything is moving fast with credit cards, there are still a number of customers who prefer to make payment using checks or money transfer. Some may even require cash on delivery as well. You need to ensure that your cart has these payment methods included in order to cater to this group of customers. So once the payment has been confirmed received by your end, then you may proceed to ship their purchases to them. Better than losing their business in the long run.

Multiple Currency Payment

The world is the largest market place thriving with many customers of different cultures and each country has their own unique currency. Hence you will need to check your cart to ensure that it is also able to accept multiple currency payment from customers around the world that you wish to do business with. As markets begin to open up more and more, there are boundless opportunities for people from different countries who wish to do business internationally.


As your business continue to grow, you need to constantly check that your payment methods are able to cater to the payment method requirements of your customers.