Cell phones have become increasingly important in this day and

Cell phones have become increasingly important in this day and age. It is one of the inventions that have greatly revolutionized the communication industry. You can be able to communicate with some one as you move from place to place. They are very desirable pieces of technology, especially when they are popular models. The amazing thing is that mobile phones have no demarcation in terms of wealth i.e. both the rich and the poor can use and purchase a mobile phone.

But the risks that come with this are that they can be easily stolen or lost. Since they are small and portable you can move with it from place to place but you can get mugged or some one may pick pocket you. You will end up losing your valuable phone with all the great text messages, photos and your large collection of mp3 music. What a loss!!!

But wait, there is good news: there is mobile phone tracking software that has been created to be able to track your phone! Thats wonderful news! So you your next question would be how does it work? Heres how:

You first have to download the software on your phone. In the installation instructions, one of the most important pieces of information you have to give in is the number of someone else (should be someone you meet regularly, relative or someone you trust). This is because when you lose your cell phone a text message is usually sent to this number detailing location of your cell phone. Once you have the software installed you also have to purchase an activation code for the software to activate and work properly.

So when your cell phone is stolen or is lost and someone replaces your sim card, a text message is sent immediately to the cell phone number you had earlier registered with.

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