Cell phone, a portable device capable of wireless transmission, is

Cell phone, a portable device capable of wireless transmission, is a miracle in the world of technology. The seeds of mobile technology were sown way back in the 1940s, when researchers working in the field believed that it was possible to invent a phone that could travel with its user.

Who invented the cell phone? Dr. Martin Cooper, formerly an employee of Motorola, is the proud inventor of the first mobile phone. It was in 1973 that Dr. Cooper came up with the first cell phone. Obviously, Dr. Cooper got the opportunity to make the first mobile phone call. Guess who received it! Well, it was Joe, Cooper’s rival working with Bell Laboratories!

There is another story, which credits the invention of cell phones to Bell Labs, as it was a Bell Labs’ employee who devised the implementation of automatic switchover system. The concept of cells that was developed at Bell Labs proved crucial in the invention of cellular technology. According to this story about the history of cell phones, Dr. Cooper did not develop the mechanism for switching between cells. He only built a radiotelephone and the real inventors of the cellular technology were the technologists at Bell Labs.

Wondering what the first cell phone looked like? It hardly resembled the modern-day, fancy mobile phones. It was fairly expensive and bulky. It worked over a limited range and could not come into commercial use until 10 years later. Today, for most of us, our cell phones are pieces of technology we can’t do without! And that makes it important for us to know all about cell phones and the cell phone etiquette. Isn’t it?

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