Basically is your own business, just like hotel or more.

Basically is your own business, just like hotel or more. You have 300 employees to work with. All have different type work, just like it can be say one has manager work. Also you have be provide a cell phone to easy to work of employee to communicate with them. Also these bill is paid by you company amount. Some of employee at many of company are knowing to know about to spend their mobile amount append with taking hours their girl friend and other unfocused activity. Some of high profile employee, dishonest are trade to secrete about company to others. Mobile facility is used to help company communicate and company productivity but they are used our personal benefit. That cause to come company waiting time and also company productivity cost.

This spy mobile software is gives to facility to stop that type problem, its give fast track to solve that type problem. This software supported many of mobile like nokia N series and E series mobile. Only work is manually installed in those of one mobile after you can track continue. You can pay one time after then you can use life time for only this mobile, because this software generate IMIE no. this is very easy to install in target mobile. Software takes less than 1 minute to install. After install software in Target mobile, first you should be define monitor number in target mobile just a single SMS send monitor mobile to target mobile write a 0000111 1 single code of activation. Then after you should activate software feature one by one code or activate in one code send monitor mobile number to target mobile that time target mobile send back one more sms define Your spy feature has been activated in mobile.

This software itself hide In target mobile, no one can know about this software, you are tracking, a radio file is showing spy software file in target mobile.

Whenever you want to lose the target person you can deactivate this software send a single SMS on target mobile0000222 0.