Advanced intelligent tape, in a nutshell AIT, is really a

Advanced intelligent tape, in a nutshell AIT, is really a highly advanced tape media format which was designed to satisfy the requirements of workgroups, retail backup copies and small & medium businesses. AIT tape technology is fantastic for individuals companies which have limited I.T budgets as well as on-site space for storage.

HP’s data storage products are particularly designed to assure greatest degree of backup performance and data security that exceed beyond the standards. Hewlett packard is promoting stringent qualification tests which are completed through the 20 testing chambers. These testing chambers are custom-built. Not one other backup media manufacturing company works such rigorous media qualification tests as Hewlett packard.

Hewlett packard AIT-3 drive, part number 249189-B21, may be the wise option for data wealthy conditions where cost, performance and capacity are critical. The drive is able to pack 100GB / 260 GB data on one Hewlett packard AIT-3 tape, by having an impressive 12 Megabyte per second transfer speed. Because of the MIC technology, the Hewlett packard AIT-3 tape format assures faster data access and unequalled performance. MIC is really a small memory nick featuring in most AIT tapes. Vital details about the tape cartridge is saved within the 64-KB MIC. These details includes usage background and file index. MIC allows the drive to gain access to the file inside an average 27 seconds. As the place the AIT cartridge, the MIC details are retrieved through the drive that helps to handle its procedures more effectively and also at a quicker speed. MIC technology assures greater data reliability and it has assisted to improve the information access speed by 27%.

Hewlett packard AIT-3 drive offers greater performance along with a low maintenance storage solution. Hewlett packard AIT-3 tape drives features new advanced self-cleaning mind, which safeguards the drive components and media cartridge in the dangerous results of debris, contaminants and mud. For longer helpful existence, you should use the Hewlett packard AIT cleaning cartridge, part number Q1996A, which supplies as much as 70 cleans.

Hewlett packard AIT-3 drive not just works read/write functions on AIT3 tapes, however it gives you a great platform to make use of the AIT-2 and AIT-1 tape tubes too. These two tapes are read/write compatible.

Following backup tapes could be dependably combined with Hewlett packard AIT-3 drive:

Hewlett packard AIT3 backup tape


Hewlett packard AIT-2 tape


Hewlett packard AIT-1 tape


When backup tape tubes and drives are gone to live in different locations, the alterations in environment conditions can impact the performance and error rate.

Hewlett packard tests its drives and media tapes within different conditions for example high/low humidity and temps to make sure their superior performance and compatibility.

Elevated tape tension can result in more errors and speeds up the media put on & tear. Therefore there’s been a 33% decrease in the tape tension by Hewlett packard to increase the significant existence of AIT-3 tape cartridge and drive. Lower tape tension cuts down on the pressure on tape mind, thus enabling the Hewlett packard AIT-3 drive to deal with longer existence cycles.

High-speed Hewlett packard AIT-3 tape technology provides satisfaction, because strict reliability and sturdiness metrics are per Hewlett packard to make sure their backup media items provide unequalled performance that has been enhanced efficiency.