A trusted, efficient and secure backup storage product is significantly

A trusted, efficient and secure backup storage product is significantly important, particularly when your business needs to adhere to the stringent industry & government rules. The modern business businesses need a backup storage solution able to deliver fast read/write speed and greater capacity in a tiny footprint. AIT (advanced intelligent tape) may be the optimal backup technology that delivers superior performance, fast data access speed and low possession cost. It had been introduced by The new sony, the mobile phone industry’s most dependable brand across all backup tape technologies.

AIT format continues to be extended to the fifth high-capacity generation AIT5 tape. Data recording capacity provided by The new sony SDX5-400C, AIT 5 backup tape is 400 GB (native).

AIT5 tape products features probably the most advanced technologies within the AIT products.

The new sony AIT5 drives, according to slim 5.25-inch form factor, are AITe1040SBK (exterior) and AITi1040S (internal). AIT5 technology is really a cost-efficient option for busy data centers, financial industry, top end work stations, time-critical programs, small systems, servers and midrange storage management.

Super-fast 24MB/s native speed is provided by The new sony AIT 5 drives. AIT5 solutions Earthworm (write once, read many) technology provides robust data security helping to deal with the regulating compliance needs. Earthworm technology prevents accidental over-documents, malicious data access and accidental erasures. Now neglect the in AIT5 format is going to be guaranteed, as AIT5 drives deliver backward compatibility as much as the AIT3 tape generation. Previous two decades AIT4 and AIT3 are read & write compatible.

Therefore the customers of previous AIT versions can effortlessly migrate to next-gen AIT5 format and revel in long-term reliability. Elevated track density enables the AIT5 cartridge to support more amount of data inside a shorter and lesser tape area, which makes it extra space-efficient than its rivals. Additionally, the “dynamic monitoring” mechanism allows the The new sony AIT5 drive to dependably retrieve and write data to the AIT-5 tapes narrow data tracks.

Other high-performance tape storage technologies which are broadly utilized in SMB segment are lto2 tape, SLR tape, DAT160 tape, lto3 ultrium tape, Travan tape, SDLT tape, DDS4 tape, lto1 ultrium tape and DLT tape.

A brand new robust tape coating has assisted to help extend the significant existence and boost the resistant against harsh environment conditions. The graceful base film reduces tape friction and enables precise data monitoring under elevated workloads.

Data blending capacity of AIT drives is greater than rival tape solutions. AIT drives can effectively compress the information at 2.6:1, thus stretching the media recording ability to 1040 GB. Data searching speed provided by The new sony AIT5 drive is 2700 Megabytes/s (native). That’s why the information managers prefer AIT5 technology for time-critical business programs. The robust drive mind minimizes the friction between tape and mind, which will help to make sure continuous read/write procedures. With The new sony AIT5 drive, the customers can also enjoy consistent performance, and superior data integrity by having an unmatched 400,000 several hours MTBF.

Secure your sensitive business data and squeeze larger amounts of corporate data by selecting the The new sony AIT5 tape format.

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